All three puppies

They’re all so adorable and sweet. They all love playing, and they’re fun and active little dogs. Anyone would be lucky to have one of these babies.

They all like to cuddle around their toy dog and go to sleep. And sometimes they lay on top of each other. They run around together like they are playing tag. And it’s the cutest thing.

They like to eat their puppy food mixed with baby oatmeal the best. They never really liked formula.

They have teeth, so mama Gizmo doesn’t seem to enjoy feeding them anymore. I don’t blame her. They all chew on me with those teeth and it does not feel good! That’s why they have teething toys.

I can’t wait for their ears to start standing up. I think Licorice might have the biggest ears.

Anyone would be lucky to have any of these three puppies. I’ll be sad to see them go when the time comes.

Tuesday they will be 5 weeks old! That’s hard to believe! And in only 3 more weeks they will be ready for their new homes.

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