She is a very dark blue. Beautiful color. She also has a white spot under her chin that leads down to a white spot on her chest. She wears a purple collar.

She’s small, but she fights as good as the rest of them. She does this crouching thing, and then jumps up at one of the other puppies. Kind of like a cat. She’s very good at running. She runs just as well as her brother.

She also loves chewing. And she can be very cuddly too. They have this toy dog that someone gave them and she likes to cuddle up to it and sleep next to it. And at play time, which is whenever they’re awake, she drags the toy dog around by an ear, or it’s tail.

Sometimes she seems a little shy, but don’t let that fool you. She loves people and she will run up to play with anyone. She even tries to run up to our big dog like she wants to fight her.

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