Facts about our puppies

The puppies are akc registered. They come from parents who are registered.

Their frenchie father is a beautiful blue, named Shooter. We do not own him, we bring Gizmo to him when the time is right.

Their frenchie mother is a red fawn with a black mask. She lives in our home. She’s spoiled. She is like a lap dog in the sense that she wants to be in your lap. But she doesn’t want to lay in your lap and be petted, she wants to stand on your legs and demand to be scratched on either her back, or belly. She loves this. She is crate trained. She has nice bedding in her crate and she sleeps there every night. Except on occasions where she begs to sleep in my bed and I let her because she’s so cute.

Gizmo loves food. A lot! She also gets gassy and she stinks. I hear that all frenchies are like that.

She’s mostly a quiet dog. Hardly ever barks. She only barks occasionally, now, since she’s had her puppies because she is being protective.

Gizmo gets along with other dogs, and loves people. She will play when we want her to play, and she’s also fine just laying around.

I’m sure her pups will have different personality traits than their mother. But at least you have an idea of what their mother is like. She’s a well loved, healthy, and well taken care of dog. Up to date on shots, gets regular check ups. Is healthy to breed and has been a great little mother dog.

Breeding is a lot of work. But we love the french bulldog breed and we just want to breed healthy frenchies for people. We don’t expect to make money at this. We just think it’s best for the breed to be brought up in a healthy loving home environment. We’re not a puppy mill. We’re a happy puppy home, and we hope our puppies make another family happy too.

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