Puppy adventure

We let them out of their indoor enclosure today to let them roam a room of the house. They had so much fun! They were running and chasing each other all over the place. Found new things to chew. Checked out a roomba vacuum and decided they only want to sniff it as long as it’s docked and not moving.

Lily is the shyest puppy. She’s not eager to try new things. But once she gets used to a situation she jumps right in.

Stitch loves new things! He’ll try anything. He wasn’t wary of any new parts of the house and he just went to check everything. He had a great time.

Licorice also loved the newness. She checked everything out quite happily. She chased her siblings all over the place, and enjoyed it.

They’re tuckered out now. All fast asleep. I added pics to their profiles from their adventure. Sorry about my finger being in the way at times. But I think I got some pretty good shots of them playing.

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