Puppy ears and someone is sold

So Lily is our “sold” pup. Yep, she will be the first to go. We’ll miss Lily. She’s such a spunky little pup. I wonder what her new name will be.

Also, Lily officially has one ear up. You can tell in the pictures I have of her. I think her siblings are jealous of her ear. It’s so cute.

I’ve posted quite a few pics of them in their profiles. Even though their looks haven’t really changed. They just look so adorable I have to take their pictures. Gizmo is in a lot of the pics, so you can see how she looks too. She’s been having a good time playing with them lately. I think it’s because they’re not only looking at her as food. They now look at her as a playmate.

Well, take a look at the pics. They’re all very good looking puppies. And if you have any questions about Licorice, or Stitch, just post a comment, or send us an email.

Have fun! And love french bulldogs

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