Those puppies

They had a great time playing today. They’re all over the place. They even found some socks to play with. They finally fell asleep. Now I need some coffee.

They’re eating puppy food about three times a day now. And they only drink mama’s milk maybe once a day. They’re doing well. They’re all steadily gaining weight and are healthy. They will be 7 weeks old tomorrow, and in another week they will get more shots.

Licorice and Lily are like partners in crime. They always find trouble together. Whether it’s trying to get under the treadmill together, or accidentally turning on the roomba and scaring themselves, its always those two. And Stitch is “the annoying brother”, as my daughter calls him, because he likes to just randomly sit on his sisters. I always wonder if he’s farting on them because it seems like a boy thing to do.

Time for my iced coffee break! Have a great evening, and love french bulldogs!

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