I’m obsessed with their ears!

If I hold the skin behind Stitch and Licorice’s ears just right it makes their ears stand up. Lol. I think they look so cute! I posted a couple pics of Licorice like that. I have thought for a long time that she will have the biggest ears of them all. She looks like a bat with her ears up. I just can’t wait for them to stand on their own. She’s such a cute dog. I love her little face. And she’s always the first one to hop right into the basket of dog toys. That’s why quite a few of the new pictures she is in there. She finds all the best toys. She actually digs down in there, then she pops back up and throws a toy out and jumps out. It’s pretty funny to see.

I posted a couple pics of Stitch playing with Gizmo’s favorite purple ball. Lol. She kept taking it back from him, but he had a good time. It was cute. Gizmo really likes to play fight with Stitch. I think she’s trying to wear him out because he’s always going after his sisters. Gizmo is really good about it though and she never actually bites him. But she wins by sticking her paw on his back so he can’t jump at her anymore.

This week they should be old enough for some kind of “paper training” They already use puppy pads so I’m just going to keep trying to deter them from going on the floor and praise them for using the pads. They’re going to think I’m weird. But I’m hoping to have some potty training started on them so it won’t be so hard for buyers when they bring them home. I’m trying.

I never give them baths, I just wash them with puppy wipes when they need it. I don’t think puppies this young can use puppy shampoo yet. But the wipes are pretty effective for now anyway. Just saying, you’ll get to give your pup its first bath.

Well, time for me to go, I made enchiladas for dinner and I’m hungry.

Have a great evening, and love french bulldogs!

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