Crazy puppies

They really like paper right now. Any time they find paper within their reach they grab it and drag it away. It’s amusing to watch, but it isn’t very nice if its something you need.

They also like soft toys, like stuffed animals. But I don’t let them keep those if there is a hole because I don’t want them to eat any of the stuffing. It could clog their tummies up.

Earlier today, while they were free roaming the big room, they found Gizmo’s long lost antler under the couch and they were so impressed with it. I gave it back to Gizmo though. Some toys she isn’t quite willing to share.

They are so crazy when they’re playing all together. Which is pretty much all the time. Licorice likes to try wrestling maneuvers on her siblings by climbing up on something and then jumping on them. But she has a sweet side. She likes to cuddle up on a lap and just be petted and take a nap.

And Lily loves having her belly rubbed. I know, what dog doesn’t? But she was so cute because I was rubbing her belly and when I had to stop to get another puppy Lily lifted her head and gave me a look like I just hurt her feelings.

And I can’t forget about Stitch, he is still adorable. He also likes to be held and cuddled. Especially after he eats. I think he’s really happy with his food and wants me to know. He loves chewing on their many toys, until his sisters steal it from him.

Stitch and Licorice still don’t have their ears up yet. But they do stay up for short amounts of time and that is how Lily’s ears started off. So soon they could have the frenchie ears!

Well, have a good night, and love french bulldogs!

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