Outside adventures

We took them outside in our backyard today. I still kept their enclosure around them so they couldn’t go too far and get lost. With 4 puppies to keep track of that could happen.

They all really enjoyed it. They all loved sticking their noses in the grass and smelling. All I could hear was their sniffs and snorts for a while as they romped in and smelled the grass. Stitch was literally hopping through the grass and jumping on his sisters trying to get them to play.

Licorice has one ear erect today. I expect the other one to stand up within a couple days. She looks so preciously lopsided now. I will post the pics from their time outside after I finish typing this.

You can kind of see Licorice’s brindle stripes in the outside lighting.

I think they had a really good time playing in the green grass. They even tasted it. They’re all napping now, inside the house. They look content and peaceful.

On Tuesday they will be 8 weeks old and they will get a second set of shots. Then they will be getting ready to go to their new homes! I’m going to miss the puppies.

Well, I better get to posting the pictures I promised. Have fun today, its Friday! And remember to love french bulldogs!

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