Two puppies still for sale

Stitch, our gray male frenchie is still available, and Licorice, our black brindle female is also available.

They’re going to be 8 weeks old this Tues. They’re very cute, sweet puppies.

Licorice loves to cuddle and be held. She will make an excellent lap dog. She’ll curl up in your lap and take a nap after a fun time of playing. She loves to play with toys, and people.

Stitch is a fun, playful little puppy. He will cuddle if you want him to. But he loves eating, chewing and playing. He will chase a ball that you roll for him and try to pick it up.

They are raised in a home with their mom and siblings. They are also around another dog occasionally, so they aren’t afraid of other dogs, as long as they’re friendly. We have 2 cats that are indoor/outdoor cats that the puppies just recently met because I wanted to wait until after the pups had their shots. So far the puppies aren’t really interested in the kitties.

Two, very cute, very friendly, fun and playful puppies! Soon to be ready for a new home. If anyone is interested please comment or email us here!

Have a great evening, and love french bulldogs!

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