Licorice has both ears up now!

Yay! Now all the puppies have their adorable frenchie bat ears.

I wasn’t home much today because I was at my bible study for the first half of the day and then I spent part of my evening at parent teacher conferences at my kid’s school.

I just fed the pups their dinner, they ate and pooped, drank some water and now they’re all playing tug of war with their big blanket. They have actual tug of war toys, but they’d rather use the blanket.

They got shots yesterday and they all did really well. So that was their second set of shots. And in 2 weeks they will need more.

These silly puppies still try to nurse from their mama sometimes. Poor Gizmo just runs away from them and then tries to get them to play.

I have a few new pics of Licorice that I will add to her profile. I’ll try to take more when I play with them now.

Everyone have a great evening, and of course, love french bulldogs!

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