So who is dressing their dogs up for Halloween?

I wanted Gizmo to be ET, but neither of my daughters will be Elliott. I guess I’ll have to go to the store and look for costumes.

We’re going to be taking our remaining puppies, with Gizmo to our church’s harvest festival. They’ll love seeing all the people. I kinda want to get costumes for all of them. We’ll see.

I also like to make them wear cute headbands for Christmas pictures in front of the tree. My chow mix gets to wear antlers, Gizmo will wear a Santa hat and Bella will wear an elf hat. They’ll be adorable.

Who else dresses up their pets? My husband thinks I’m torturing them. But I don’t think it bothers the dogs much. I wanted to dress up the cats too, but they’re jerks and they won’t let me. The dogs obviously love me more.

Well, about the puppies, I plan to take a bunch of pictures of Stitch and Licorice when I have time. I want to pose them with pumpkins and take their pics, but we’ll see if they cooperate.

It’s about time for me to start making dinner. So, have a great evening, and love french bulldogs!

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