They’re 9 weeks old today!

And they’re so playful, energetic, and still adorable!

They love to play! They run all over the place and find new things to chew on. They love to play tug of war with each other.

Licorice is such a cuddly little lap dog. She will hop into your lap and love you. She also likes to jump in your face to give you kisses. She’s such a sweet puppy.

Stitch will cuddle with you if you want him to. He’s such a boy though. He mostly wants to play, and you can cuddle him when he’s tired.

They eat about 3 or 4 times a day. And they love to drink water. Sometimes I still give them some baby cereal. That helps when they get constipated too.

They might need a bowl that they can’t tip over for their water. They do like to flip their bowl over and they spill the water.

Well, these pups are still cute and still fun and playful. And Stitch and Licorice still need homes for anyone who wants a frenchie in their life!

Tomorrow is Halloween and the pups will go trick or treating!

Have a great day everyone, and love french bulldogs!

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