Been really busy

So much has happened this week!

The toilet in the kids’ bathroom broke and we had to fix it. Our camry wouldn’t start, and we had to fix that too. Plus taking care of puppies full time along with our regular scheduled things I just haven’t had time for blogging.

But puppies are good! They’re into everything! They try to jump up on the couch and fail. Licorice jumps really high though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was able to do it soon.

I’m thinking of adding pureed pumpkin to the puppy diet. A couple of puppies get constipated, so I was giving them baby cereal oatmeal or wheat cereal. But then some would get diarrhea. I had the vet check them out and test their stool and they don’t have any problems in that area. So one of the vet techs told me that pureed pumpkin is great for them because it aids their digestion. And it helps both constipation and diarrhea. So, we’re trying it. Also, a puppy food that has pumpkin and other healthy things in it would help too. The one they eat now is high in meats, which is good for them, but it can cause constipation.

Sorry for all the poop talk. I just thought some of that was good information.

But Licorice and Stitch are good puppies. They’re both fun, playful and adorable. They will cuddle up with you on the couch while you watch your favorite show. Or chase you around the house when you want to play. They’re really up for whatever you want to do.

They did start trying to eat their puppy pads though. So to solve that problem I got some washable reusable pads that they can’t tear up like paper. Those are good for when they need to be in the house and might have accidents. They’re still not used to going to do their business outside. Silly puppies.

They’re doing great. And every day is an adventure with them!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Have a great day, and love french bulldogs! Especially Stitch and Licorice!

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