Licorice and Stitch

I’ve noticed lately that Licorice has mood ears. She moves them like antennae sometimes. When she is happy they’re straight up, when she’s giving you puppy dog eyes she has them down, when she’s being inquisitive she has one up and one down. It’s the cutest thing!

Stitch is always figuring things out. He always learns how to use things before the other pups. He learned the dog door first, and he learned to use the steps that lead up to our bed.

They both love to chase the cats, and they also love our chow mix’s tail. I think it’s tail envy because they don’t really have tails, and hers is long and fluffy.

They’re cute, fun, playful puppies!

And if you want to wait until they’re 12 weeks old to buy one, they will be next week! So you don’t have long to wait!

We are always up to date on their shots because that’s very important for puppies. And when you get one of our puppies we give you a copy of a vet’s health examination of the puppy you buy, so you know it’s in good health.

Have a great night, and love french bulldogs!

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