Still here

They don’t seem to like when it’s cold. In the morning and at night they just cuddle up together and sleep. But when it warms up again you can’t stop them from playing or running. Licorice is nicknamed “shadow” now because she follows me everywhere. I have to step carefully, especially when backing up because she’s right there!

They’re currently playing tug of war with their little stuffed teddy bear, while simultaneously flipping the empty water bowl. At least they waited until it was empty to flip it this time.

Hard to believe that they are 11 weeks old already, and they’ll be 12 weeks on Tuesday.

Their day to day schedule is like this: we wake up early, both because I have to take my daughter to school, and because they are up early anyway. They are waiting for me to let them out of the crate as soon as they see me stand up.

I let them out and they go straight to the kitchen, where they are served breakfast, which is puppy food and a side of water. They still love water. To drink or play in.

After they eat and drink water, its usually time to play. So they run around, follow me through the house, play with their toys, or wrestle each other. They never seem to grow out of their old wrestling game.

Next, its naptime. It’s usually about 8 or 9 by this time. They nap for maybe an hour and then it’s back to playing, with frequent water breaks, that sometimes turn into water on the floor.

Around 11, they go outside for a while. They chase the cats, watch birds, play with their outside toys, and try to steal their mother’s toys. There is also yet more water for them to drink or splash in.

Then they come in for lunch, even more water, and hopefully another nap!

Its basically just the same activities indoors, until they eat dinner around 6, followed by more play time, short naps and playing until cuddle time, which is always followed by bed time.

They’re usually cuddling on my bed with me and their mama dog until they all fall asleep around 9 or so. Then I put them in their crate until about 5:30 the next morning. And we do everything over again!

That’s just their usual schedule here. Of course, if you get one of them, you don’t have to follow the same schedule. But they will be up early and probably need to go potty.

Speaking of potty, since I’ve been having them sleep in the crate (about 9 and a half weeks old) they do not wake up to go potty at all through the night, and they’ve never gone while in the crate! So, they are crate trained! We just need to work on not having “accidents” on the floor. They’re pretty good at using the pads, but still use the floor at times.

We are officially on Thanksgiving break now. School is out for the day and now we have the weekend and all of next week. Of course, I won’t get to sleep in, but I do get to have two Thanksgivings!

So happy Thanksgiving! And don’t forget to love french bulldogs!

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