They’re still here

And still the most adorable puppies.

Stitch is the blue fawn, male. He’s very fun and active. He barks at kitties and loves squeaky toys.

Licorice is the black with brindle markings, female. She’s fun and cute. She will be your shadow, and your lap dog. She loves people! And she gets along with other dogs. Cats are questionable.

They’re getting their last set of shots, in this series, this week. They’re totally ready for a new home. They would make excellent early Christmas gifts!

They’re officially 3 months old today. So it’s now safe for me to give them a bath. Which I will do with warm water in the bath tub and keep them in the house to dry.

They’re both beautiful, adorable puppies and I really don’t know why we don’t have more people asking about them.

Frenchies are the cutest puppies around. And these two pups are just wonderful! Both have beautiful colors and markings. They have adorable faces! And they just have the best personalities!

Come and get these puppies while they’re still young!

I hope to hear from serious buyers soon! Have a fantastic day, and love french bulldogs!

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