Just an update

So I just wanted to update a little on their personalities and also their abilities, such as where they are on “potty training” and eating habits.

They pretty much only potty outside with occasional accidents on the floor. Especially if it’s really cold, or raining outside. They don’t like to be cold. Maybe a sweater would help with this.

They still love to cuddle to take naps. But they sleep fine on their own.

They love food. So you need to be careful not to leave food where they could possibly reach it, or they will try to eat it.

We don’t really give them “human food” though. They occasionally have yams or pumpkin mixed with their puppy food. But we never give them scraps at the table or anything like that. They might try to beg, but we just ignore this and they go away and lay down, or they just go outside and play.

They still sleep in a crate at night,and are doing well with that. The only thing is that they are used to sharing the crate (it’s a big crate) so they’re not used to sleeping completely on their own. Giving them a stuffed animal about their size might help with this. Just make sure they don’t start to eat the stuffed animal.

They will use a dog door, so if you have one that’s great.

They like to chew, so they have lots of chew toys. When they chew on something we don’t want them to chew on, like my chair legs, we redirect them to a chew toy.

They did finish the first series of shots.

These puppies are pretty well trained. But you can expect some setbacks when they first come to your home since it is stressful for any puppy to go to a new place. But I expect, if you just keep up with training, that they will go back to “normal”.

They’re so cute! And they make wonderful pets! They would be great Christmas presents for pretty much anyone!

If interested just call or email us today! Have a wonderful day, and love french bulldogs!

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