Stitch is now sold

And at his new home already.

Licorice may also have a new home very soon.

It has been a great and interesting time having these puppies and raising them. It’s been exhausting at times, but they were always adorable, fun, and playful.

There were unforeseen expenses sometimes. But we’ve made it!

We’re thinking about doing this again. But it will be a year or two if we do.

One year, if Gizmo has pups again. And two if she doesn’t, and we have Bella bred.

About Bella, she’s our pick from this litter. The one that we’re keeping. I have mentioned her before, and she can be seen in the background of some pictures. She looks a lot like Stitch. I used to refer to them as “the twins”.

I’ll post some pics of Bella.

Well, if you, or anyone you know is interested in buying a frenchie, keep checking back here! It will take a while, but you will get a beautiful pup, from a loving home. And from a family that treats the pups like one of their own.

I will post more pictures of Gizmo and Bella throughout the year on here if anyone is interested in seeing them. But who wouldn’t want to see their frenchie faces? They’re really the cutest breed of puppies ever.

Have a wonderful new year! And love french bulldogs!

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