I posted new pics of the puppies

I just added the same pics to both pup’s profiles because they’re pics of the 2 of them together, and I don’t know if people look at both profiles, or just one.

Looking forward to my two thanksgivings, but it also means a lot of work for me. Mostly the cleaning and puppy proofing before people come over. And then all the cooking I’ll be doing! So, I’m saying, the next few days I won’t be blogging or posting pics. Unless I just can’t pass up an adorable photo op.

Happy Thanksgiving! And love french bulldogs!

Still here

They don’t seem to like when it’s cold. In the morning and at night they just cuddle up together and sleep. But when it warms up again you can’t stop them from playing or running. Licorice is nicknamed “shadow” now because she follows me everywhere. I have to step carefully, especially when backing up because she’s right there!

They’re currently playing tug of war with their little stuffed teddy bear, while simultaneously flipping the empty water bowl. At least they waited until it was empty to flip it this time.

Hard to believe that they are 11 weeks old already, and they’ll be 12 weeks on Tuesday.

Their day to day schedule is like this: we wake up early, both because I have to take my daughter to school, and because they are up early anyway. They are waiting for me to let them out of the crate as soon as they see me stand up.

I let them out and they go straight to the kitchen, where they are served breakfast, which is puppy food and a side of water. They still love water. To drink or play in.

After they eat and drink water, its usually time to play. So they run around, follow me through the house, play with their toys, or wrestle each other. They never seem to grow out of their old wrestling game.

Next, its naptime. It’s usually about 8 or 9 by this time. They nap for maybe an hour and then it’s back to playing, with frequent water breaks, that sometimes turn into water on the floor.

Around 11, they go outside for a while. They chase the cats, watch birds, play with their outside toys, and try to steal their mother’s toys. There is also yet more water for them to drink or splash in.

Then they come in for lunch, even more water, and hopefully another nap!

Its basically just the same activities indoors, until they eat dinner around 6, followed by more play time, short naps and playing until cuddle time, which is always followed by bed time.

They’re usually cuddling on my bed with me and their mama dog until they all fall asleep around 9 or so. Then I put them in their crate until about 5:30 the next morning. And we do everything over again!

That’s just their usual schedule here. Of course, if you get one of them, you don’t have to follow the same schedule. But they will be up early and probably need to go potty.

Speaking of potty, since I’ve been having them sleep in the crate (about 9 and a half weeks old) they do not wake up to go potty at all through the night, and they’ve never gone while in the crate! So, they are crate trained! We just need to work on not having “accidents” on the floor. They’re pretty good at using the pads, but still use the floor at times.

We are officially on Thanksgiving break now. School is out for the day and now we have the weekend and all of next week. Of course, I won’t get to sleep in, but I do get to have two Thanksgivings!

So happy Thanksgiving! And don’t forget to love french bulldogs!

They had their shots

Today. And the vet said that in 2 more weeks they get their last set from this series. So,soon they will be all done. Until they need boosters. But this would be all of their puppy shots.

Licorice is close to being able to jump on the couch. She jumps so high! Stitch doesn’t try very hard to jump on the couch, he just asks you to pick him up and place him there.

If the day gets nicer outside I’ll take them out to take some new pics of them in the good lighting. They love playing outside!

It’s puppy nap time now, so it’s nice and quiet at the moment. I think I’ll read a book.

Have a great day! And love french bulldogs!

Licorice and Stitch

I’ve noticed lately that Licorice has mood ears. She moves them like antennae sometimes. When she is happy they’re straight up, when she’s giving you puppy dog eyes she has them down, when she’s being inquisitive she has one up and one down. It’s the cutest thing!

Stitch is always figuring things out. He always learns how to use things before the other pups. He learned the dog door first, and he learned to use the steps that lead up to our bed.

They both love to chase the cats, and they also love our chow mix’s tail. I think it’s tail envy because they don’t really have tails, and hers is long and fluffy.

They’re cute, fun, playful puppies!

And if you want to wait until they’re 12 weeks old to buy one, they will be next week! So you don’t have long to wait!

We are always up to date on their shots because that’s very important for puppies. And when you get one of our puppies we give you a copy of a vet’s health examination of the puppy you buy, so you know it’s in good health.

Have a great night, and love french bulldogs!


Beautiful black brindle female puppy.

She’s 10 weeks old. She’s very playful. She loves to run around and see what she can get into. She will jump in your lap for snuggling and petting.

She gets along with everyone. She loves to cuddle up to a person or puppy to go to sleep. She has a sweet and sassy personality. Really, a wonderful, fun, and playful little puppy.

If you are interested in Licorice, please call us or email us. She is ready for a new home.


Our gray boy puppy.

He is 10 weeks old. He’s into chew toys, wrestling with his mom and sisters, and eating. He’s crate trained. So he will sleep in a crate at night and not go potty in the crate. He knows how to use a dog door, which can help with potty training him. He’s a beautiful pup, with beautiful coloring. He’s friendly and playful. And don’t forget how cute he is too!

Anyone would be lucky to add this fun puppy to their family.

He’s all ready for his new home. He loves all people and he’s great with children and other dogs.

If you are interested in Stitch, please give us a call or send us an email.

They learn so fast

They learned to use the dog door! It would be convenient, if they only went out to go potty. But they go out there to just run around, and with no supervision I’m afraid I’ll lose them.

They also started eating their puppy food dry instead of softened. They actually love it this way. And I give them the pureed pumpkin sometimes and they also enjoy that!

All is good in puppy land. I did add some new pics of Licorice and Stitch. And they look adorable as usual.

As the pups get older we see more and more things to puppy proof. So we are always working on that.

They’re getting a little better at using their puppy pads for their potty usage. But they still have accidents on the floor. I know that will take a lot of work and a lot of time. But at least it’s a start.

Well, time for lunch. Have a great day and love french bulldogs!

Been really busy

So much has happened this week!

The toilet in the kids’ bathroom broke and we had to fix it. Our camry wouldn’t start, and we had to fix that too. Plus taking care of puppies full time along with our regular scheduled things I just haven’t had time for blogging.

But puppies are good! They’re into everything! They try to jump up on the couch and fail. Licorice jumps really high though, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she was able to do it soon.

I’m thinking of adding pureed pumpkin to the puppy diet. A couple of puppies get constipated, so I was giving them baby cereal oatmeal or wheat cereal. But then some would get diarrhea. I had the vet check them out and test their stool and they don’t have any problems in that area. So one of the vet techs told me that pureed pumpkin is great for them because it aids their digestion. And it helps both constipation and diarrhea. So, we’re trying it. Also, a puppy food that has pumpkin and other healthy things in it would help too. The one they eat now is high in meats, which is good for them, but it can cause constipation.

Sorry for all the poop talk. I just thought some of that was good information.

But Licorice and Stitch are good puppies. They’re both fun, playful and adorable. They will cuddle up with you on the couch while you watch your favorite show. Or chase you around the house when you want to play. They’re really up for whatever you want to do.

They did start trying to eat their puppy pads though. So to solve that problem I got some washable reusable pads that they can’t tear up like paper. Those are good for when they need to be in the house and might have accidents. They’re still not used to going to do their business outside. Silly puppies.

They’re doing great. And every day is an adventure with them!

Well, that’s all I can think of for now. Have a great day, and love french bulldogs! Especially Stitch and Licorice!

They’re 9 weeks old today!

And they’re so playful, energetic, and still adorable!

They love to play! They run all over the place and find new things to chew on. They love to play tug of war with each other.

Licorice is such a cuddly little lap dog. She will hop into your lap and love you. She also likes to jump in your face to give you kisses. She’s such a sweet puppy.

Stitch will cuddle with you if you want him to. He’s such a boy though. He mostly wants to play, and you can cuddle him when he’s tired.

They eat about 3 or 4 times a day. And they love to drink water. Sometimes I still give them some baby cereal. That helps when they get constipated too.

They might need a bowl that they can’t tip over for their water. They do like to flip their bowl over and they spill the water.

Well, these pups are still cute and still fun and playful. And Stitch and Licorice still need homes for anyone who wants a frenchie in their life!

Tomorrow is Halloween and the pups will go trick or treating!

Have a great day everyone, and love french bulldogs!

So who is dressing their dogs up for Halloween?

I wanted Gizmo to be ET, but neither of my daughters will be Elliott. I guess I’ll have to go to the store and look for costumes.

We’re going to be taking our remaining puppies, with Gizmo to our church’s harvest festival. They’ll love seeing all the people. I kinda want to get costumes for all of them. We’ll see.

I also like to make them wear cute headbands for Christmas pictures in front of the tree. My chow mix gets to wear antlers, Gizmo will wear a Santa hat and Bella will wear an elf hat. They’ll be adorable.

Who else dresses up their pets? My husband thinks I’m torturing them. But I don’t think it bothers the dogs much. I wanted to dress up the cats too, but they’re jerks and they won’t let me. The dogs obviously love me more.

Well, about the puppies, I plan to take a bunch of pictures of Stitch and Licorice when I have time. I want to pose them with pumpkins and take their pics, but we’ll see if they cooperate.

It’s about time for me to start making dinner. So, have a great evening, and love french bulldogs!